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hanging out with the boys


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Cascais / Portugal
Hair lenght:
Eye Color:
like peaches
192 cm / 6'4''
67 kg / 148 lbs
Favourite Lingerie:
Ze:Bra lingerie
Favourite Perfumes:
ex, computers, science




"Secret rendezvous"
150 Euro
"Get to know me"
250 Euro
"Let me seduce you"
350 Euro
"How about dinner"
510 Euro
"Getting more Pleasure"
620 Euro

Travel expenses included in the price within Portugal!


Escort Tuanna Reviews

Nightfall: 15.06.2019 in 13:36

I think a couple could have sex on the first night they meet and wind up getting married and staying together until they die. However a lot of guys are just looking for some quick action. So if you give it up too soon then you run the risk that they were just using you for some booty. But there is really no way to know what their intentions are until after the fact. For examply if I really liked a girl and we wound up alone on the first date and things started getting hot and heavy and she seemed into it I would most likely have sex with her. I don't think I'd think any less of her for it, but deep down I would have probably preferred that we waited longer. I know that's kind of hypocritical but I know how my mind works and if I'm with a hot girl I like and the hormones start raging I know I'm not going to turn her down.

Fitzroya: 21.06.2019 in 05:47 from Portugal

Last year my bf of two years secretly became best friends with a girl and hid it and lied about it for eight months. He was always very possessive, never wanting me to talk to guys on the phone or text them, never wanted me to use Whatsapp for anyone but him, no touching other guys, not even for pics, even though he would have pics with girls holding his arm, especially this one girl. She is a bit flirtatious with guys too. I suspected he was getting close to her in March when I found out he had flirted with her on the phone as a joke when her bf wanted to see how she would respond to him. Since then he continually told me they were just friends, not close, but one day a few months ago he accidentally told me they are very close, best friends, and they text each other on and off throughout the day to see what the other is doing, and get together to hang out regularly, share food at lunch, that sort of thing . After some fighting over him having hid it so long, and doing all the things with her he never wanted me doing with guys, we finally came to a mutual agreement that he would try to put a bit of distance there, text less, not get together with just her anymore, and not lay in bed texting with her late at night like until 4am. For a while it was a bit better, he became more like good friends rather than best friends, but he says he can't resist her, and ended up going to meet just her when she wanted to in spite of my protest, and won't remove a rude FB wall message from her to do with me. Lately we seem to do nothing but fight about her because he will for instance want to get together with just her, or to preserve the right to text with who he wants late at night. I get very crabby about it and will harshly ask if he was chatting with her last night when I saw him on Whatsapp, that sort of thing. Now I'm not even on his contacts on Whatsapp or a friend on his personal FB profile, but she is. So finally after he lied about their university applications and I know he is applying at the same university as her in another country, in addition to applying at the one near where I live, I don't even know if he will finally be living in the same city as me soon as we have planned for a few years, or moving to where she wants to be . I've just had enough and we've broken up, but he maintains that if I just ask about her nicely he will answer, and will not chat late at night or visit just her. I find I can't ask about her nicely, it just always makes me feel crabby Is there any way to accept a situation that just seems wrong? Or is it better to break up?

Luu: 14.06.2019 in 20:00 from Portugal

cutie (y)

Holohan: 19.06.2019 in 17:51 from Faro

trust-a professional)!!! You owe it to yourself, and you should let this girl go until you get your life straight. Good Luck to you.

Chesterfields: 18.06.2019 in 04:56

cute toes flip flops peep toes

Indulgence: 12.06.2019 in 10:10

sweet legs crossed

Hcleuqs: 14.06.2019 in 13:48

twosome shorts sportsbra nike nip tummyfan marina necklace drawstring

Caranday: 18.06.2019 in 20:06 from Porto

that is awesome, definite fav!

Ragan: 14.06.2019 in 03:36 from Cascais

Nice green bikini bathing suit and a very sweet smile!

Sayer: 16.06.2019 in 02:22

She's crazy hot

Larvae: 14.06.2019 in 11:56 from Lisbon

gotta love the ass

Mannie: 16.06.2019 in 16:55 from Cascais

I believe there are both women in this world. Those who only seek out men who are financially weathy and then there are women who seek out a man based solely on who he is as a person..



Tuanna is available also for Bachelor Party, Cascais Leather/Latex/PVC or Cuckold. For more information, please ask Tuanna by sending a private message.


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